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3 Common Problems That Cause Poor Drainage

by Aug 3, 2021

If you’ve lived in Louisiana for any amount of time, you’ve experienced it all–backyard crawfish boils, jazz music, outdoor festivals, bread pudding, HOT summers, and hurricanes. We’ve also all experienced the frequent heavy rains that can lead to yard flooding. As we discussed in our article What You May Not Know About Yard Flooding, some flooding is unavoidable while other flooding caused by underlying problem areas can be resolved. These underlying problem areas can contribute to persistent flooding and put a damper on your backyard barbeque and outdoor gatherings.

If you experience yard flooding, identifying any problem areas on your property is the next step toward rediscovering your yard. At Pure Drainage, we have over 18 years of experience that give us the confidence to identify problem areas and provide expert drainage solutions. Over the numerous customers we’ve helped, I’ve come across three common issues that contribute to yard flooding. Can you determine which one(s) affect your property?

3 Common Problems That Cause Poor Drainage.

  1. Low Spots and Standing Water
    Low spots are depressions or ruts lower than the surrounding area that result in an uneven surface. They can occur on your lawn, driveway, patio, or walkway. When it rains, low spots form puddles or standing water causing further damage to your lawn or grounds.

    Standing water is found in uneven sections, low spots, or any area without the proper natural or constructed drainage. When rainwater does not flow or is not redirected, you will experience standing water. Standing water attracts mosquitoes and other insects, erodes your driveways and walkways, and damages your lawn. Consequently, to fully enjoy your yard is a challenge.Solution: Leveling of your land along with a strategic drainage system are needed to alleviate low spots which in turn will get rid of standing water.
  2. Erosion from gutters
    Gutter downspouts help move the rainwater away from your home or building. Without a splash guard to deflect and redirect water from the downspout, erosion can occur in that section of the yard. Moreover, water can flow back towards the foundation of your home. Even with a splash guard, the area can become saturated, still resulting in erosion.Solution: In most cases, the installation of catch basins and drainage pipes will eliminate any future damage to that area.
  3. Runoff from neighbors
    Runoff water occurs when there is more water than the land can absorb, resulting in water that pools on the surface of the lawn. If your neighbor’s land is higher than yours, you will experience runoff. Runoff can also occur if your lawn is adjacent to concrete or a hard surface or if your neighbor’s yard does not absorb water well.Solution: Solutions include installing proper drainage, and/or redesigning the landscape with attractive rocks, pavers, or a rain garden in the area where the water collects.

Why should you be concerned about drainage problem areas? For most of us, our home is our most valuable asset. Poor drainage can cause serious damage to your home resulting in costly repairs and decreased value. Improper drainage around your property can cause water to seep into the foundation of your home. When this happens, the foundation begins to form cracks while existing cracks begin to widen. A marred foundation affects the integrity of your home or commercial structure. Additionally, damage to the foundation can lead to further harm to your floors, walls, electrical wiring. Moreover, the possibility of mold formation is a concern. For these reasons, proper drainage that redirects water away from the home or building is essential to protect your home investment.


If you have one or more of these problem areas on your property, I have good news for you. Pure Drainage provides expert solutions to quicken water drainage, slow flooding, and redirect water flow from your yard. At Pure Drainage, we want to help you protect your home and love yard again.


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