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About Us

Pure Drainage is devoted to helping residential and commercial owners move from worry and frustration to confidence and satisfaction in their property. We help you protect your home and property from damage caused by yard flooding. You deserve to feel secure about your most significant investment.


Meet Keith

Co-Owner, Pure Drainage

Keith Morel has been in the landscape and irrigation field for over 18 years. Throughout the years, Keith has developed a particular focus and expertise on subsurface drainage. He has a passion for and a desire to help clients move from frustration to confidence in their property, and ultimately, enjoy their yard again!

Meet Keenya

Co-Owner, Pure Drainage

Keenya & Keith were married in 2017. Keenya’s roles include administrative responsibilities, website development, and marketing initiatives. Keenya received a Fine Arts degree from Dartmouth College. Over the years, she has developed skills in Administration through her roles in Project Management.

Licenses & Businesses

Licensed by The Horticulture Commission of Louisiana as a Landscape Horticulturist and by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry as a Landscape Irrigation Contractor. A member of the Louisiana Irrigation Association.


(985) 792-2627
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