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French Drain Installation

At Pure Drainage, we specialize in professional French drain installation, providing a reliable and long-lasting drainage system that protects your property and enhances your outdoor space.

Our French Drain Installation Process

We begin with an initial assessment to understand your drainage concerns, examine your property, and discuss your specific needs and expectations. Factors such as the layout of your property, water sources, and the extent of the drainage problem are considered. Our experts will provide recommendations and answer any questions about the installation process.

Based on the information gathered during the assessment and our onsite evaluation, our team will design a customized French drain system that meets your requirements. 

We will send you a quote for the drainage solution. Upon approval of the quote and a 50% deposit for materials, we will schedule a project start date that suits you.

A few days before starting, we will contact Louisiana One to mark any known gas or water lines. If you know of additional underground wiring, irrigation systems, etc., please inform our team of those areas. 

Our team will review the project design and scope on the project start date. Then get to work!

First, we will mark or designate the location of any catch basins. Next, we will proceed with excavation and trenching. Our team carefully excavates the designated area, ensuring proper depth and width for the French drain. Again, inform the team before starting if you know of any underground wiring, irrigation systems, or pipes. We minimize disruption to your landscape and maintain a clean and organized work environment. We will keep you well-informed of any needed adjustments throughout the project.


With the trench prepared, we lay the cloth and perforated PVC pipe surrounded by limestone or rock. This allows for efficient water collection and filtration. 

We meticulously connect the pipe to the existing drainage system, catch basin, or designated outlet point.

After installing the French drain and catch basins, we backfill the trench with limestone or rock. Rock and limestone allow water to flow unhindered into the perforated pipes. Our team ensures proper compaction to restore the surface with gravel, rock, sand, or sod. 

Before completing the installation, our team conducts a final inspection to ensure the French drain system is functioning properly and meets our quality standards. We test the system to verify the adequate water flow and address any minor adjustments if needed.

Once completed, we will walk you through the completed installation. We will send a final invoice for payment of the remaining cost.

We leave your property clean and tidy, with minimal evidence of the installation process. And you get to enjoy your transformed yard!

When you choose Pure Drainage for your French drain installation, you can expect exceptional service, expert craftsmanship, and a drainage system that delivers long-term results.

French Drainage FAQ Section

Can a French drain be installed in an existing yard?
Yes, French drains can be installed in existing yards and during new construction. The majority of our projects are for existing yards. Our experienced team can assess your yard and determine the best placement for the French drain system, considering your existing landscape features.
How long does a French drain installation take?
The project length for a French drain installation depends on various factors, such as the size of the project, the complexity of the drainage issues, and the accessibility of the installation area. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline based on the specifics of your project.
Can a French drain be installed alongside other drainage solutions?
Absolutely. In fact, combining French drains with other drainage solutions, such as catch basins, surface drains, or gutter systems, can enhance the overall effectiveness of your drainage system. Our experts can assess your specific needs and recommend a comprehensive drainage solution.
How much does a French drain installation cost?
The cost of a French drain installation depends on factors such as the size of the project, the complexity of the drainage issues, the materials used, and the amount of labor needed. Rental equipment and outside services such as dumpster rental also affect the cost. We offer personalized quotes based on assessing your property and drainage needs.
How do I get started with a French drain installation?
Getting started is easy! Simply contact us through our Free Quote form or at (985) 292-2627. Our team will schedule an onsite property assessment. We will address your concerns and identify problem areas, provide recommendations, and guide you through installing a French drain on your property.

Licenses & Businesses

Licensed by The Horticulture Commission of Louisiana as a Landscape Horticulturist and by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry as a Landscape Irrigation Contractor.  A member of the Louisiana Irrigation Association.


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