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What You May Not Know About Yard Flooding

by Aug 2, 2021

In Southeastern Louisiana it is our good fortune that we live in a climate that lets us enjoy outdoor activities almost year-round. Your yard is truly an extension of your home. It’s where you relax, play, and create great memories with family and friends. Unfortunately, problems caused by poor drainage can prevent you from enjoying your lawn to the fullest. At Pure Drainage, our goal is to help customers protect their property from flood damage by providing expert drainage solutions. We want you to love your yard again.

If you currently experience yard flooding, let me start by saying something that may surprise you. Even with the best and most sophisticated drainage systems, your yard may still flood. Any yard can flood occasionally.

Flooding occurs when a significant amount of rainfall occurs within too short of a time for it to drain. When you couple that with the high water table we have in Southeastern Louisiana, the soil may not be able to absorb or redirect heavy rainfall quickly enough. If this is the case, yard flooding is inevitable. On the other hand, installing proper drainage will help remove surface water much quicker, slow flooding, and redirect the water flow.

In short, flooding occurs either as a normal result of heavy rains or due to poor drainage. Are you experiencing normal flooding or are there underlying problems contributing to flooding in your yard? Here are a few tips to help you determine if you need a drainage solution.

  • You still have high levels of standing water on your property compared to other properties in your neighborhood
  • Your yard takes 24-48 hours or longer to drain after the rains stop (ditches take longer)
  • Your property consistently floods after light or moderate rain

If you answered yes to any of the above bullets, you may have a problem area(s) on your property that is conducive to yard flooding. Your next step is to identify any drainage issues you have. Our article entitled, 3 Common Problems That Cause Poor Drainage will help you do just that. You can also request a Free Quote and we will schedule an appointment to evaluate your property, pinpoint any problem areas you have and offer an expert drainage solution.

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